Mom's Voice Sparks Dance Party For Toddler With New Hearing Aids

"He started freaking out and did the happy dance."

To celebrate his new hearing aids, one toddler busted out some cute moves.

According to ABC News, doctors determined that 2-year-old Kaiden Orantes has been experiencing progressive hearing loss and prepared the toddler to receive hearing aids. On June 14, his mom, Caitlin Orantes, shared a video on Facebook of her son using the hearing aids and listening to her voice more clearly. The toddler appropriately celebrated with a dance party.

"He started freaking out and did the happy dance," Caitlin told ABC News.

Doctors don't know why Kaiden has progressively lost his hearing since being born, according to Inside Edition. His mother said he has no hearing in his right ear and very little hearing in his left. Despite his hearing loss, the toddler loves music, which his mom said has been "therapeutic" for both of them.

"He has this drum set that he plays very well, and he's just all about singing," Caitlin told Inside Edition.

With his love for music and those dance moves, this kid clearly belongs on a stage.

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