Moms, What Do You Wish Your Kids Understood About You?

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What’s the best gift for a beloved matriarch this Mother’s Day? Come in close, moms. I have an idea...

How about if your people understood you?

Fellow moms, this is our chance to help them “get” us, to see what it’s like to walk in our heels. Please, for the love of all the sons, daughters and spouses out there, answer this pre-Mother’s Day question for me:

What do you wish your kids understood about you, their mom?

C’mon, spill the beans... get it out... let them know. I’ll take your answers, combine them with mine, and together we will create the holy grail of Mother’s Day. It’ll be our united heart song and I’ll have it ready before Sunday so you can refer your tribe to what might just be the best Mother’s Day gift ever. But please do it now! I need your input!

I’ll grease the family skids and get us started:

I wish you understood that letting go of you is hard. We lived in pretty close quarters for your first nine months and my world has revolved around you ever since. It’s difficult to step back, away from someone I love so fiercely. So please understand and extend grace when I want to connect and you yearn to fly.

I wish you understood that when I’m in the bathroom and the door is closed, it’s means I’m not available. Really. Not even through the door. So give me a few minutes. Unless you’re bleeding. Badly.

Now it’s your turn! What do you wish your kids understood about you? Leave your comments below, or link here: OR