‘Love & Hip Hop': Mona Scott-Young Dismisses Show Critics (VIDEO)

Since the 2011 debut of VH1’s hit series “Love & Hip Hop” many have often criticized and attempted to boycott the franchise due to its portrayal of African-Americans on television.

Show creator and producer, Mona Scott-Young has also agreed in the past that some of the content isn’t always good but doesn’t believe that it shouldn’t be aired. The Hip-Hop mogul underscored her thoughts recently during an interview with New York radio station Hot97 as she refuted the negative backlash.

“What’s kind of annoying is the fact that there were tons of these shows before ‘Love & Hip Hop’ came along,” she said to station’s program director Ebro Darden and co-host K. Foxx. “The problem is, I guess quote unquote, is that this was an actual good show that was popular and that people tuned in to see, so all of a sudden it's garnering more attention…whatever people want to say, everybody got an opinion.”

“It is a big platform, there are a lot of young women tuning in to the show,” Scott-Young continued. “But like everything in life, those young women have choices. The women on the shows have choices."

"I don't always agree with the choices that they make. Do I try to provide them with a platform to promote, leverage, take them to where they’re trying to go? Absolutely. Do I always agree or subscribe to how they choose to get there, no. But again, I'm not here to pass judgment.”

Check out more of Mona Scott-Young’s interview in the clip above.