Monday Morning Motivation #4: Choosing Your Tribe


You may have heard the term TRIBE used quite often in social media, especially within the last few months. Hashtags like #findyourtribe often relating to building your community online, something that is very important as a blogger or online business owner.

With the Who's In Your Boat miniseries, we challenge you to consider everyone that you bring into your life as a tribe member. People that will stand by your side, and bring just as much into your relationship, whatever it may, as you will. Building strong relationships are challenging, they require time, nurturing, and sacrifice, which is precisely why we should be a little more pickier with those we choose to bring in.

Of course this does not mean shutting doors and remaining closed minded, it simply means truly making an effort to evaluate those that you choose to bring on board your boat as you navigate through your life journey.

Below are 3 Tips for Building Your Tribe!

First, Know The Value That You Bring to a Relationship!


That is right, start with yourself first.

Building a great tribe is really about understanding that the relationship is give and take, if you do not have time to give as much as you want to take, step back.


Because before you expect to receive, you have to understand that you will have to be the one to prove yourself first. Offer something that shows that you are bringing some value to the relationship as well. It is an important step as well because it allows you to have an idea of what you are prepared to offer to this relationship, and it allows your Future Tribe Member to see that you can be an asset to her journey!

Second, Be Genuine

Being Genuine is something that I see a lot, especially as a blogger. But what does it really mean?

To me, being genuine is about being true to yourself!

It is harder to do than you may think, especially when a lot of your work and interactions have to do with the internet and social media. Maybe you have noticed, when people have the cover of a computer screen they tend to be a lot more phony and many times just plain turds!


This awesome list from, by Steve Tobak, is pretty awesome! It is a great reference point if being genuine is your goal in business or career because it can translate whether you work online or in an office.

With lists like this, I like to work through each one, to find the areas I need work in, and set goals to improve. We all have areas in which we can improve, we need to be able to recognize that and work in these areas.

Third, Give as if You do Not Expect Anything in Return

Tough, I know!

Especially when we consider why we are building a tribe to begin with...

To have the right people with you on your journey, whatever it may be, people who have a lot to offer you, including strength, inspiration, and so much more!

The thing is, you already know the characteristics that you are looking for, we explored those in Monday Morning Motivation 3: Who's in Your Boat

If you haven't worked through your workbook yet, or need another one, simply follow this link.

You have met the right person, and you are now prepared to build a relationship. She has already proven herself, otherwise you would never have approached her to begin with! Now, it is time for YOU to PROVE YOURSELF

Your goal is to allow her to see that the two of you will make a great team because you have just as much to offer. Put that list of 5 that you put together in the first exercise to work, and let us know how it goes!

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