Monday Motivation: Manage Stress to Increase Motivation

Staying motivated is hard as hell sometimes, and as women in business, we simply take on too much. It can be detrimental to the organizations that we are building, ourselves, and everyone around us.

Monday Morning Motivation allows us to work through all of these challenges together. How can we overcome procrastination, stress, our health, and remain motivated, and productive women?

As we continue to build our businesses in this very competitive world, we have to learn that one thing that will quickly dim that joy is refusing to accept that we choose to take on too much at times.

3 Tips For Managing Stress as a Woman in Business


I recently wrote a piece, How to Be The CEO of Your Life, and some of my readers were surprised to see that my 3 steps involved letting go in some way. The reality is, success is in numbers, which is why I love the fact that women are learning to collaborate in every way. From the way we blog, to the importance that we now place in networking and collaborating.

Managing stress in business in order to maintain motivation is important, and understanding the importance of making ourselves a priority, will allow you to maintain the energy that is necessary to excel in business. But in order to get there you have to be prepared to accept that you cannot do it all alone and avoid stress.

The very tips that will prepare you to be the CEO of your life, are the same tips that allow you to manage stress in your life...Take care of yourself, surround yourself with a great team, and delegate!

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Nancy Laws is the owner of Afro-Chic Mompreneur, a One-Stop Shop Business and Lifestyle Boutique for busy women.

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