Monday Nights At Nuyorican

This past Monday night I attempted to perform at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe open mic. With my heart set on performing "BlackMale" in promotion of my new mixtape "Carnegie Hall" and website "" I was devastated when I found out I was too late to sign up. But devastation quickly turned to inspiration as I stayed to watch the other performers.

I've done dozens of showcases, and open mics around NYC but the atmosphere inside of Nuyo Rican was like none other! The diversity of the standing room only crowd immediately caught my attention. Thugs, hipsters, suits, punks, and a couple of sexy songstresses had the joint packed to the door! The unwavering support shown for each and every artist was uncanny.

The show featured gangster rap, spoken word, piano solos, breakdancing, R&B, freestyle rap, beatboxing, and almost any other artistic form of expression you can imagine. Performers from Atlanta, California, Arizona, and even a couple of international performers were kind enough to bless the stage. We were even lucky enough to hear a couple songs from the uber-sexy, immensely talented host Nisha Asansi.

Its was dope to have such an assortment of cultures, ethnicities, and musical sub-divisions together in one venue. So indicative of New York's true spirit. Absolutely the most entertainment you'll ever get for only seven bucks! Your summer experience in the city will be severely lacking if you don't get to attend at least one of these shows. They're happening every Monday from 9pm-midnight, and with there only being about five Mondays left in the summer of 2013 I'd suggest you make it happen ASAP! His Holiness The Honorable Sir Carnegeezie Kid Esquire (me) will also be there the next couple weeks so if you'd also like to witness history now is the time! See ya'll at Nuyorican!