Monday's Morning Email: Catastrophic Floods Threaten Millions After Hurricane Harvey Drenches Houston

Five people have died.


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CATASTROPHIC FLOODS STRIKE HOUSTON At least 25 inches of rain have fallen in parts of Southeast Texas since Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport on Friday evening.” The Army Corp of Engineers released water from two dams West of Houston overnight to keep them from failing. Five people have died. Houston first responders and good Samaritans rescued more than 1,000 people, including a woman and child off a roof, a truck driver stuck in 10 feet of water, and nursing home residents who were half-submerged by flooding. Dramatic photos show the fourth-largest city in the U.S. underwater. Texas officials have started to point fingers about an evacuation that did not happen. And here’s how to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

TRUMP TOWER IN MOSCOW? “While Donald Trump was running for president in late 2015 and early 2016, his company was pursuing a plan to develop a massive Trump Tower in Moscow, according to several people familiar with the proposal and new records reviewed by Trump Organization lawyers.” [WaPo]

MEET UBER’S NEW CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executive of travel company Expedia Inc., has some work to do. [Reuters]

JOE BIDEN PENS OP-ED FOR THE ATLANTIC ON CHARLOTTESVILLE “This is a moment for this nation to declare what the president can’t with any clarity, consistency, or conviction: There is no place for these hate groups in America. Hatred of blacks, Jews, immigrants—all who are seen as ‘the other’—won’t be accepted or tolerated or given safe harbor anywhere in this nation.” [HuffPost]

THE NAVY RECOVERED THE REMAINS OF 10 SAILORS Missing after the USS John McCain collision. And military experts believe training shortfalls, sleep deprivation and the strain on the Navy’s fleet could be to blame for the rash of collisions this year. [Reuters]



SO, ABOUT THAT WALL Humanity was fun while it lasted on “Game of Thrones.” The finale saw Jon Snow learn he really knows nothing about his parentage and gave us a new favorite couple to feel conflicted about. Anyone have nightmares last night upon the re-introduction of that reanimated character? Also turns out this actor may have accidentally predicted his own death a year ago. Regardless ― winter is here. [HuffPost]

WHAT YOU MISSED LAST NIGHT AT THE VMAs Heather Heyer’s mother made an impassioned plea to “make Heather’s death count.” Besides the debut of the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” there was a literal fire performance by Kendrick Lamar, Pink’s matching suits with her daughter, and Lorde’s interpretive dancing performance. As for the fashion ― never a dull moment. Oh and here’s the list of winners. [HuffPost]

KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY ON WHAT EVERYONE GETS WRONG ON DETROIT “I think there are people who still believe that parts of Detroit are still like the wild, wild West. If anything, I would refute that claim and say that Detroit, if anything, now is more of an empty canvas.” [HuffPost]

BAD NEWS FOR THE BOX OFFICE This weekend saw revenues of $65 million, which is the lowest for a single weekend since at least 2014. [HuffPost]

NOW WE FINALLY KNOW THE INSPIRATION BEHIND BEYONCE AND JAY-Z’S TWINS’ NAMES We could have guessed the reasoning behind Rumi, but the Sir explanation is something else. [HuffPost]

BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU’RE WAITING FOR FALL TV TO RETURN Here’s some movies to binge on Netflix and Hulu. [HuffPost]