Monday's Morning Email: Comey Asked DOJ To Refute Trump's Wiretapping Claims

James Clapper also denied Trump's claims.


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COMEY ASKED DOJ TO REFUTE TRUMP’S CLAIMS ABOUT WIRETAPPING According to The New York Times, FBI Director James Comey asked the Justice Department to refute President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered wire taps on Trump Tower. James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, also denied the president’s charge. The Washington Post has quite the scene-setter breaking down Trump’s rage at how things are going after his first weeks in office, and a fair amount of blame within the White House is being shoveled Reince Priebus’ way. And Sen. Lindsey Graham had some thoughts about the scenario laid out in Trump’s latest tweets. [HuffPost]

IN LIGHT OF THE NEW IMMIGRATION TRAVEL BAN Which could be announced as soon as today, meet Trump’s “favorite Muslims.” [HuffPost]

WASHINGTON SIKH MAN SHOT IN POSSIBLE HATE CRIME 39-year-old Deep Rai suffered a gunshot to the arm while working on a car in his driveway after a gunman approached and said “get out of our country.” [HuffPost]

WHY THE TWITTER ALGORITHM CHANGE MATTERS “As it gradually tightens the loops in Twitter’s social fabric, the algorithm risks further insulating its users from people whose viewpoints run counter to their own ― a phenomenon, already rampant on Facebook, that has contributed to the polarization of the American electorate and the Balkanization of its media.” [Slate]

OVER 100 SOMALIS DIE IN 48 HOURS DUE TO DEVASTATING DROUGHT More than 430,000 malnourished children need urgent and life-saving support, according to the World Health Organization. [HuffPost]

NORTH KOREA LAUNCHED FOUR MISSILES INTO EAST SEA Three of which fell in Japan’s “exclusive economic zone.” [HuffPost]

WHILE WE LOVE THESE BURSTS OF WARMER WEATHER Turns out it’s not the best for our overall health. Take California’s volatile weather systems for example. And here’s a stunner of a fact for you: Hawaii has had more snow this week than Denver or Chicago has had all year. [HuffPost]


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MARINES PROBED FOR POSTING NUDE PHOTOS OF FEMALE COLLEAGUES “The U.S. Marine Corps is looking into the suspected distribution of nude photographs of female members of the service among military personnel and veterans via a social media network that promotes sexual violence.” [Reuters]

WHILE WOMEN MAY DOMINATE POP MUSIC Turns out they rarely produce it. [HuffPost]

‘LOGAN’ DESTROYED BOX OFFICES THIS WEEKEND WITH AN $83 MILLION OPENING Maybe it’s not time for Hugh Jackman to hang up those adamantium claws just yet. [HuffPost]

EMMA WATSON HAS NO TIME FOR HATERS OF HER VANITY FAIR SHOOT “Feminism is about giving women choice.” [HuffPost


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