Monday's Morning Email: Marco Rubio's Reboot

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MARCO'S REBOOT How the senator's debate disaster could alter not just the primary race in New Hampshire, but also the race as a whole. Here's what to look for in tomorrow's primary. And could this be John Kasich's moment? [Howard Fineman and Scott Conroy, HuffPost]

DENVER BRONCOS WIN SUPER BOWL 50 Solidifying his place among the all-time greatest quarterbacks, Peyton Manning took home Super Bowl 50 last night with a 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. And Eli Manning's reaction to it all was Internet gold. [Reuters]

AND FOR THE IMPORTANT SUPER BOWL NEWS Check out the top commercials from the big game, as well as the halftime performance that was all about Beyonce (sorry, Coldplay). Also find out the meaning behind her dancers' leather outfits, as well as the dates for the surprise tour she announced right after that epic performance. [Stephanie Marcus, HuffPost]

BILL CLINTON GOES AFTER SANDERS The former president said the surging candidate was living in a "hermetically sealed box." [Amanda Terkel, HuffPost]

OVER 3,100 PREGNANT COLOMBIANS DIAGNOSED WITH ZIKA VIRUS And the U.S. Olympic Committee has told its athletes not to participate in Brazil's games this summer if they don't feel comfortable taking the risk of catching the virus. [Reuters]

MONTANA HAS THE HIGHEST SUICIDE RATES FOR WHITE AMERICANS By nearly twice the national average. [The Guardian]

THE DEBATE FLUB THAT STOPPED A CAMPAIGN This week on "Candidate Confessional," the team talks to Tim Pawlenty about his defining debate moment. Check out the podcast and subscribe here. [Sam Stein and Jason Cherkis, HuffPost]


REMINDER: ALL CHIPOTLE STORES ARE CLOSED AT LUNCH FOR NATIONWIDE STAFF MEETING Locations will reopen around 3 p.m. after the meeting to address food preparation safety following the chain's nationwide E. Coli outbreaks. [USA Today]

TAYLOR SWIFT WILL PERFORM AT THE GRAMMYS We're really looking forward to the "Out of the Woods" camera pan to Harry Styles. [Vulture]

THE DEAD MAN'S CODE NO ONE CAN CRACK Ricky McCormick was found dead with two indecipherable notes in his pockets. Even the Internet can’t figure out what they say. [Daily Dot]

HOW INMATES GAMBLE ON THE SUPER BOWL "There aren't statistics on the subject, of course, since inmates are technically prohibited from gambling, but some bookies in my facility claim to make upward of $30,000 a year." [Vice]

ELTON JOHN IS JUST LIKE US He eats Pizza Hut. Forget all about those calls with Putin. [The Guardian]

YOUR FAVORITE 'GILMORE GIRL' IS RETURNING FOR THE REVIVAL Paris is back -- prepare yourselves. [HuffPost]

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HOW PATERNITY LEAVE HELPS WOMEN The policy changes the expectation game in companies when it comes to child care. [HuffPost]

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~ Turns out the legal profession has a bit of a drinking problem.

~ Why the American government "kills hundreds of wild buffalo every year."

~ The biggest news announced at the Super Bowl was also the saddest: "The Good Wife" is ending after seven seasons.

~ A guide to answering the toughest of interview questions.

~ An estimated $12 billion is needed to fix up America's national parks.

~ Looks like Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch is hanging up his cleats.

~ Almost all the top officials of this Texas town have been arrested on corruption charges.

~ Cindy Crawford's daughter is poised to follow in her mother's footsteps after landing a major fashion campaign.

~ Happy Chinese New Year! And here's how the "Year of the Monkey" will boost animal trainers' profits.

~ And for your Monday pick-me-up after a Super Bowl food coma, here's a photo of a ginormous crab.

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