Monday's Morning Email: Meryl Streep Takes Aim At Trump At Golden Globes

And Trump responded this morning.


MERYL STREEP GOES AFTER DONALD TRUMP AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES While receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her lifelong achievements in acting, Meryl Streep went after Trump for his treatment of a disabled reporter and immigrants. Twitter had a field day imagining the president-elect’s response. Trump did tweet this morning about her speech and spoke to The New York Times about it. As for the actual awards, “La La Land” took home more Golden Globes than any film, ever. Here’s who else won the rest, and what we thought about the red carpet stunners. [Matthew Jacobs, HuffPost]

FORT LAUDERDALE AIRPORT SHOOTER REPORTEDLY HAD MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, NO TIES TO TERRORISM Esteban Santiago, the 26-year-old Iraq war veteran, who killed five people and injured six more in the shooting Friday, reportedly had visited FBI offices in Alaska, saying he was hearing voices. Video has been released of the moment he opened fire in the baggage claim. And this shooting survivor says his laptop saved his life by blocking a bullet. [Reuters]

A LOOK AT POTENTIAL RUSSIAN ELECTION MEDDLING IN EUROPE “Russia’s alleged use of computer hacking to interfere with the U.S. presidential election fits a pattern of similar incidents across Europe for at least a decade. Cyberattacks in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, France and Austria that investigators attributed to suspected Russian hackers appeared aimed at influencing election results, sowing discord and undermining faith in public institutions that included government agencies, the media and elected officials.” [USA Today]

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I TAKE ‘SOME RESPONSIBILITY’ FOR PARTY’S LOSS OF POWER The president detailed how he believes the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt at the ground level. [Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost]

FOUR DEAD IN JERUSALEM TRUCK-RAMMING ATTACK “A Palestinian rammed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade in Jerusalem on Sunday, killing four of them in an attack that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said is likely to have been inspired by Islamic State.” [Reuters]

SUSPECTS IN THE KIM KARDASHIAN PARIS ROBBERY HAVE BEEN ARRESTED Up to 16 people were arrested for their alleged role in the October robbery, which was a $9.5 million heist. [Reuters]


MORE GOLDEN GLOBES GOSSIP Viola Davis gave a speech on Trump, too. Some presenting folks couldn’t tell two of the awards season’s top films driven by black casts apart, and Twitter had some thoughts. You have to see Ryan Gosling’s swoon-worthy speech about his “lady.” You can watch the beautiful in memoriam segment produced for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Casey Affleck seemed to address the swirling sexual harassment allegations after his big win. And everyone’s favorite red carpet couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, looked lovelier than ever. [HuffPost]

GOOD NEWS FOR QUEEN ELIZABETH II The queen made her first public appearance (with Will and Kate no less!) in nearly a month after recovering from a “heavy cold.” [People]

‘THE HANDMAID’S TALE’ IS THE TV SHOW WE ALL DESERVE FOR 2017 No one does dystopia like Elizabeth Moss. [HuffPost]

GOING OUTSIDE IS HARD IN THIS COLD But these movies in theaters can give your Netflix queue a break. And you don’t have to be outside for long. [HuffPost]


THIS PAIR OF GOOGLE HOMES THINKS THEY’RE HUMAN And they quoted Nickelback, so everything that has gone wrong could. [HuffPost


~ “I shouldn’t have to learn black history from a movie.”

~ Cleveland Cavalier J.R. Smith and his wife, Jewel, announced that their baby, Dakota, was born five months before her due date.

~ Donald Trump Jr. is helping spearhead the fight to make gun silencers easier to buy.

~ Of course the last party in the White House was a rager.

~ We love this guy who makes sweaters of locations, and then travels there wearing them.

~ If you haven’t taken an Insta in the top Instagrammed spot in your state, do you even live there?

~ RIP to the iconic sequoia tree with the tunnel that has fallen in California’s Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

~ McDonald’s sold off the majority stake in its China business.

~ What autonomous robot boats mean for the Navy.

~ Meet the “last wingwalker.”

~ Someone has been trying to take out The Drudge Report.

~ In case of the zombie apocalypse, we all allegedly would have 100 days. Really, this is why this first aid kit has been on our wish list for forever, but our family really is not humoring our zombie paranoia (thanks “Walking Dead”). 


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