Monday's Morning Email: Police Investigate Latest London Incident As Terror Attack

And a suspect has been arrested in the death of a Muslim teen, who was killed after leaving a Virginia mosque.


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U.K. INVESTIGATING POTENTIAL TERROR INCIDENT THAT KILLED ONE And left 10 injured after a man drove a van into a crowd near a north London mosque that had just finished prayers. In the U.S., a suspect has been arrested for the death of a Muslim teen, who was killed after leaving a Virginia mosque. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share to facebook]

GOP SENATORS SAY THEY ARE FRUSTRATED BY THE OBAMACARE REPEAL BILL But it’s still being written behind closed doors. Here’s how this 21-year-old college student’s life would be changedby Medicaid cuts. [HuffPost]

JASON CHAFFETZ SLAMS TRUMP, JEFF SESSIONS ON WAY OUT “The reality is, sadly, I don’t see much difference between the Trump administration and the (Barack) Obama administration.” [HuffPost]

DEATH TOLL IN LONDON APARTMENT FIRE CLIMBS TO 79 According to London police. [HuffPost]

GOOGLE TO CRACK DOWN ON EXTREMIST AND TERRORIST CONTENT ON YOUTUBE By developing a larger team to more quickly identify and pull such videos. [Reuters]

BODIES OF MISSING U.S. SAILORS FOUND IN FLOODED COMPARTMENT After the USS Fitzgerald was hit by a Philippine shipping container ship Saturday. Take a look at the path of the ship that hit the Navy destroyer. [HuffPost]

U.S. SHOOTS DOWN SYRIAN PLANE “A U.S. warplane shot down a Syrian army jet on Sunday in the southern Raqqa countryside with Washington saying the jet had dropped bombs near U.S. backed forces and Damascus saying the plane was downed while flying a mission against Islamic State militants.” [Reuters]

BILL O’REILLY TO LAUNCH OWN NEWSCAST The 30-minute show will air on his website. [HuffPost]


UNDERSTANDING THE BILL COSBY MISTRIAL Here’s how Gloria Allred, Camille Cosby and Cosby’s accusers reacted. [HuffPost]

ANOTHER NOOSE HAS BEEN FOUND NEAR D.C. MUSEUMS That is the third such incident on the National Mall in the last few weeks. [HuffPost]

‘RURAL DIVIDE’ “The political divide between rural and urban America is more cultural than it is economic, rooted in rural residents’ deep misgivings about the nation’s rapidly changing demographics, their sense that Christianity is under siege and their perception that the federal government caters most to the needs of people in big cities, according to a wide-ranging poll that examines cultural attitudes across the United States.” [WaPo]

LET’S HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE INTERNETAs Beyonce had her twins. The Beyhive though is a bit ticked off at her father. And Jay Z casually announced he’s dropping an album at the end of the month. [HuffPost]

WE CAN’T GET OVER HOW CUTE PRINCE GEORGE AND PRINCESS CHARLOTTE ARE At Queen Elizabeth II’s latest birthday celebration. [HuffPost]

IKEA COULDN’T STOP AT FURNISHING YOUR ENTIRE APARTMENT Now it wants to make it easier for you to cook too (and this life hack involves less potential for relationship-ending fights). [HuffPost]


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