Monday's Morning Email: The Classrooms In Scientology's Shadow

And they're voucher schools.


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INSIDE THE VOUCHER SCHOOLS THAT TEACH L. RON HUBBARD But say they’re not Scientologist. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER WARNS NUCLEAR WAR IS ONE ‘TANTRUM AWAY’ Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, cited the rise of nuclear-armed states, terrorists and cyberwarfare as pressing international threats. [HuffPost

CALIFORNIA’S THOMAS FIRE NOW RANKS AMONG THE LARGEST IN STATE HISTORY With over 230,000 acres burned. The first fatality was confirmed, as California’s governor warns wildfires are the “new reality.” [HuffPost]

THIS AP INVESTIGATION OF THE MYANMAR MILITARY RAPES OF ROHINGYA WOMEN IS A HORRIFYING MUST-READ “The soldiers arrived, as they often did, long after sunset. It was June, and the newlyweds were asleep in their home, surrounded by the fields of wheat they farmed in western Myanmar. Without warning, seven soldiers burst into the house and charged into their bedroom.” [AP]

PUERTO RICO’S DEATH TOLL MAY BE AS HIGH AS 1,052 The official death toll is 62. [HuffPost]

‘SAUDI ARABIA’S CROWN PRINCE IS PUSHING HIS COUNTRY TO THE BRINK. WILL IT HOLD TOGETHER?’ “The nightmare scenario is the loud, messy collapse of a society full of weapons, money, frustrated young people and extremist tendencies.” [HuffPost]


HAPPY MONDAY Former President Barack Obama is concerned enough to warn us all against following in the path of Nazi Germany. [HuffPost]

MEANWHILE, TRUMP ALLEGEDLY WATCHES UP TO EIGHT HOURS OF TV A DAY According to a bevy of White House aides who confided in The New York Times. [HuffPost]

SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL HAD A ROUGH GO The Houston quarterback kept playing after a brutal hit that left him appearing to seize. Eventually he was pulled after being diagnosed with a concussion. Fans threw food on an ejected player at the Seahawks game, who then had to be restrained from getting into the stands. And oh look, it’s the Bills and Colts playing outside the wall in Westeros. [HuffPost]

THE FIRST REVIEWS OF ‘THE LAST JEDI’ ARE IN Initial reactions seem to be very enthusiastic. And here’s what everyone rocked on the red carpet, along with a Carrie Fisher tribute. [The Telegraph]

BREAK OUT THE CHARDONNAY We could not be more excited for the official announcement of the Season 2 return of “Big Little Lies.” [HuffPost]

THE HEALTHIEST WAYS TO USE INSTAGRAM So you stop turning green with envy every time you open the app. [HuffPost]


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