Monday's Morning Email: The State Of The Campaign After The FBI's Latest Announcement

One more day before Election Day.


FINAL DAY BEFORE ELECTION DAY HuffPost Pollster’s Natalie Jackson shares how to make sense of the final onslaught of polls. Read Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s dueling op-eds on why you should vote for them. Here’s a look at how the Hispanic vote has mobilized “like never before in the 2016 election,” as well as a video on how it all beganfor the Democratic nominee. And don’t forget ― when it all gets to be too much, the Weather Channel is running 24/7 “calming weather video.” [Natalie Jackson, HuffPost]

AS FOR THOSE EMAILS... FBI Director James Comey announced Sunday in a letter to Congress that Clinton would not face charges over the newly discovered emails. According to Trump, the FBI’s latest actions are more proof the system is “rigged.” [Sam Stein and Ryan Reilly, HuffPost]

AND AS IT ALL DRAWS TO A CLOSE The “First to Last” team takes a look at all the things we learned this miserable, endless election year. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

JANET RENO, FIRST FEMALE ATTORNEY GENERAL, DEAD AT 78 Reno, who was the longest-serving attorney general, died of complications from Parkinson’s. [Alana Horowitz-Satlin, HuffPost]

HOW RUSSIA TRACKS DOWN ITS POLITICAL ENEMIES AROUND THE WORLD “Determined to punish domestic opponents who flee abroad, as well as non-Russians whose lives and finances it wants to disrupt, Moscow has developed an elaborate and well-funded strategy in recent years of using — critics say abusing — foreign courts and law enforcement systems to go after its enemies.” [NYT]

PHILADELPHIA TRANSIT STRIKE TO END Just in time for Election Day. [Dave Jamieson, HuffPost]

WHAT HAPPENED TO A YEMENI CHILD BRIDE AFTER CLINTON’S INTEREST When a feel-good story doesn’t have the fairy tale ending. [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]


PATTON OSWALT TALKS PERFORMING WHILE GRIEVING “’A lot of the pop-culture heroes that we love — Batman, John Wick, even Buckaroo Banzai — are all widowers or have had someone they love ripped away from them, and the first thing they do is start working out and becoming a badass,’ he muses. ‘I didn’t go the CrossFit route when my wife died. I went the “I’ll be up until four A.M. re-watching The Princess Bride and eating Sun Chips for breakfast” [route].’” [Vanity Fair

POLICE FOUND A KOALA AFTER THIS ARREST More of an adorable bust than the usual drug sting. [HuffPost]

A NEW KIND OF ENGAGEMENT RING: THE MAN-MADE KIND What happens to the diamond market that “depends on a perception of relative scarcity.” [WSJ | Paywall]

BRAD PITT FILED FOR JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY Meaning his divorce from Angelina Jolie could go to court. [HuffPost]

‘DR. STRANGE’ ISN’T TOO STRANGE FOR AUDIENCES The dad puns continue. The movie hauled in $85 million this weekend. [Reuters]

THE HEART-BREAKING ROYAL SCANDAL ON ‘THE CROWN’ Inside the love affair that tore Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret apart. [Vanity Fair


~ We’re a tad traumatized by this brutal video of a “homewrecking” penguin’s aftermath. Yes, “homewrecking.”

~ This 68-year-old homeowner fired an arrow into a fleeing burglar’s butt. 

~ Watch out for fake retail apps this holiday season.

~ Everyone hate-loves the guy who managed to make Amazon’s Alexa speak through one of those talking fish.

~ Happy Monday ― as you slog through pouring that first cup of coffee, this guy could reset his world record for finishing a Rubik’s Cube.


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