Monday's Morning Email: Trump Under Fire For Criticizing Family Of Fallen Soldier

Khizr Khan said the GOP nominee had a "black soul" after his attacks on his family.


DONALD TRUMP UNDER FIRE FOR RESPONSE TO FALLEN MUSLIM SOLDIER’S FAMILY The GOP nominee has created a firestorm after criticizing the Khan family, whose son died while serving in Iraq. Trump first speculated that Ghazala Khan didn’t speak at the DNC with her husband because of her religious beliefs, and then said Khizr Khan shouldnot question Trump’s familiarity with the Constitution. Khizr  has responded by saying Trump has a “black soul.” Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan both condemned the remarks against the Muslim American war hero’s family, but managed to do so without naming Trump. You can readGhazala’s moving response here. And this is what John Oliver had to sayabout Trump’s commentary. [Igor Bobic, HuffPost]

CHARLES KOCH WON’T HELP TRUMP The billionaire political donor is focused on Senate races this election cycle after saying there are no good options in the presidential field. [AP]

TODAY MARKS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST CAMPUS SHOOTING And the first day students can legally carry concealed weapons to University of Texas classes. [WaPo]

A LOOK AT NYPD’S PREPARATION FOR A TERRORIST ATTACK “In the winding hallways and stuffy rooms of an old factory in Brooklyn, under bulbs flickering as if in a horror movie, an elite new police unit prepares, over and over again, for the attack it knows is coming.” [NYT]

HOW EUROPEAN PRISONS ARE CONTRIBUTING TO RADICALIZATION “Prison officials are also faced with a difficult choice between absorbing hardened militants into the general prison population, where they might radicalize others, or to concentrate them in special wards where they may be better able to hatch plots.” [WSJ | Paywall]

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS Joe Biden isn’t ruling out future runs for office. [Sam Stein, HuffPost]

DEATH TOLL FROM JULY 3 BOMB IN BAGHDAD REACHES 324 And may climb higher. [Reuters]


WHEN TECH GOES AFTER THE TERRORISTS “The videos are part of three experiments ― funded by Google parent Alphabet Inc., with help from Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. ― that explore how to use the machinery of online advertising to counterbalance the growing wave of extremist propaganda on the internet, both from Islamist radicals and far-right groups.” [WSJ | Paywall]

HERE’S A REASON TO DRINK MORE COFFEE One word: memory. [Buzzfeed]

JON STEWART MIGHT COME BACK FOR THE ELECTION All your dreams could come true. [HuffPost]

MISS TEEN USA REPORTEDLY USED THE N-WORD “The newly crowned Miss Teen USA is coming under fire for an alleged history of racist tweets. Hours after Miss Texas Teen USA Karlie Hay was named the winner of the beauty pageant in Las Vegas Saturdaynight, commentators began referencing old tweets featuring the N-word from Hay’s now-private personal account.” [USA Today]

SOMEONE TAKE US ON THIS FIREFLY TOUR The photos are incredible. [Quartz]



THE POWER OF BREASTFEEDING “More than half of newborn babies are not breastfed within the first hour of life, putting them at heightened risk of disease and death, the United Nations’ children’s agency said on Friday, highlighting sub-Saharan Africa as an area of concern.” [Reuters]

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