Monday's Morning Email: What To Expect In The Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Today

And FBI Director James Comey's testimony.


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WHAT TO WATCH FOR IN THE NEIL GORSUCH CONFIRMATION FIGHT HuffPost takes a look at the Democratic strategy going into today’s confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justice pick. And here’s what former justices have said about navigating confirmation hearings, and what you should be looking out for. [HuffPost]

WHAT THE FBI DIRECTOR IS EXPECTED TO SAY TODAY ON THE HILL About those wiretapping claims and the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia. [CNN]

‘THE STORY OF TWO FAMILIES AND THE REAL-LIFE IMPACT OF OBAMACARE REPEAL “Jennifer and Keith Gibbs say the Affordable Care Act has hurt their family, sticking them with soaring premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Claire and Allen Secrist say the law has helped them and their young daughter, making it possible to get life-changing medical care while avoiding financial ruin.” [HuffPost]

THE SECRET SERVICE HAD A ROUGH WEEK Turns out an intruder wandered the White House grounds for over 15 minutes before being apprehended, and a laptop with the layout of Trump Tower was stolen. [HuffPost]

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE MAY HAVE EXPOSED YOUR INFORMATION “Thousands of private customer emails, phone numbers and IP addresses — along with identification codes for products the customers expressed interest in buying — [are available] on unencrypted, plain text web pages that were accessible to anyone with a web browser.” [BuzzFeed]

‘AFTER BRINGING CHOLERA TO HAITI, U.N. CAN’T RAISE THE MONEY TO FIGHT IT’ The $400 million strategy announced in December has roughly $2 million in the bank to support it. [NYT]



HOW MESSED UP IS YOUR BRACKET ALREADY Following the Villanova and Duke upsets? Check out the final Sweet Sixteen, as well as how adorable Bill Murray and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been about their kids in the big dance. [HuffPost]

BECAUSE THINGS AREN’T BAD ENOUGH AT UBER RIGHT NOW The president of the company has suddenly quit, reportedly over the wave of controversies Uber is facing. [HuffPost]

TRIBUTES POUR IN FOR CHUCK BERRY The father of rock ‘n roll (and St. Louis native) died over the weekend. He was 90. [HuffPost]

TALE AS OLD AS...LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY The new “Beauty and the Beast” raked in $170 million domestically. And Emma Watson is set to make quite a few galleons with that news. [Reuters]

CAN THE KARDASHIANS SURVIVE THE TRUMP ERA As they approach year 10 on television? [HuffPost]

PRO TIP Don’t accidentally thank your wife and girlfriend at a post-game press conference. [HuffPost


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