Monday's Morning Email: What's Next For Hurricane Irma

Which has weakened to a Category 1 storm.


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HURRICANE IRMA WEAKENS TO A CATEGORY 1 STORM Read the latest updates here. Over 3 million people are without power in the wake of the storm, which is heading northwest toward Georgia. These are all the records the storm has broken, and here’s a look at the storm’s pathDramatic video shows Florida being pummeled by hurricane winds and water. And the Caribbean is facing an uphill battle to recovery in the storm’s wake. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

STEVE BANNON: FIRING JAMES COMEY MAY BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MODERN POLITICS “If James Comey had not been fired, we would not have a special counsel,” Bannon said in CBS’ blockbuster Charlie Rose interview. [HuffPost]

UN: ‘TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF ETHNIC CLEANSING’ IN MYANMAR RIGHT NOW “The top U.N. human rights official on Mondaydenounced Myanmar’s ‘brutal security operation’ against Muslim Rohingyas in Rakhine state which he said was ‘clearly disproportionate’ to insurgent attacks carried out last month.” [Reuters]

DEATH TOLL FROM 8.1 EARTHQUAKE IN MEXICO RISES TO 91 The quake damaged tens of thousands of homes in Southern Mexico. [Reuters]

THE WEST IS ON FIRE Over 26,000 firefighters are fighting some 172 blazes across the region. [HuffPost]

JOHN MCCAIN: I’M ‘FACING VERY VIRULENT FORM OF CANCER’ “Every life has to end one way or another,” he told CNN. [Reuters]


MEET YOUR NEW MISS AMERICA Brown University graduate Cara Mund became the first-ever Miss North Dakota to win the Miss America pageant. [HuffPost]

SO ABOUT THE NEW ‘BACHELOR’ Reports say he may have had a girlfriend just days ago. [HuffPost]

WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE UNPUBLISHED KURT VONNEGUT STORIES “‘This collection pulses with relevance,’ Dave Eggers writes in the foreword to Complete Stories, a soon-to-be-released collection of Kurt Vonnegut’s short fiction that’s set to include five never-before-published stories by the Slaughterhouse Five author.” [HuffPost]

TALK ABOUT THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS This woman saved the day after remaking a wedding cake that had been destroyed on its way to the venue. [HuffPost]

YOU’RE RIGHT Your fall TV looks quite familiar ― it’s all reboots. [HuffPost]

WHAT ARE YOUR BETS FOR THE NAME OF CHILD #3 FOR KATE AND WILL? We’re a fan of the bookies’ love for Alice and Henry. [HuffPost]