Monday's Morning Email: What's On The Agenda For President Trump's First Week

From TPP to the individual mandate.


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WHAT’S ON THE AGENDA FOR TRUMP’S FIRST WEEK IN OFFICE According to President Donald Trump, jobs and national security will be the top priorities this week, while the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act may be eliminated. CNN is reporting that Trump’s first executive action will be to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. [Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost]

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE PHRASE ‘ALTERNATIVE FACTS’ To recap the weekend: Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, both lied about the size of the inaugural crowd. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway then said that Spicer was presenting “alternative facts.” Here’s why this is problematic on the president’s first day in office, and check out Dan Rather’s denouncement. [Nick Baumann and Michael Calderone, HuffPost]

A SEA OF PINK HATS: A LOOK AT WOMEN’S MARCHES ACROSS THE COUNTRY Check out some of the best signs from the protests, which drew millions from across the country. Some are estimating three times more people showed up to march in Washington than came to Trump’s inauguration. [Alana Horowitz Satlin and Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost]

THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS AND ATLANTA FALCONS ARE HEADED TO THE SUPER BOWL So much for Deflategate. And the internet loved Tom Brady’s very, very, very large coat. [Reuters]

18 DEAD AFTER TORNADOES HIT SEVERAL STATES Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes buffeted Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Trump has pledged federal assistance. [Reuters]

‘DOOMSDAY PREP FOR THE SUPER RICH’ Helicopters, archery classes and plots of deserted land abound. [The New Yorker]

CERVICAL CANCER DEATHS ‘MUCH HIGHER THAN THOUGHT’ “Black women are dying from cervical cancer at a rate 77% higher than previously thought and white women are dying at a rate 47% higher, according to a new study that published in the journal Cancer on Monday.” [CNN]

TWO MLB PLAYERS DEAD AFTER SEPARATE CAR CRASHES IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordana Ventura, 25, and former MLB infielder Andy Marte, 33, died Sunday. [Nina Golgowski, HuffPost]


GEORGE H.W. AND BARBARA BUSH COULD BE RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL IN THE COMING DAYS While Barbara Bush could have gone home Sunday, she chose to stay in the hospital with the former president, who is still in intensive care. [HuffPost]

PEOPLE WERE NOT HAPPY When United grounded all flights for an hour Sunday night due to a computer glitch. [Reuters]

BREAKING DOWN ALL THE INAUGURATION OUTFITS From Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball dress to Kellyanne Conway’s infamous coat. [HuffPost]

SAMSUNG SAYS IT NOW KNOWS WHY ALL THOSE GALAXY NOTE PHONES CAUGHT ON FIRE Too bad that’s a discovery $5 billion too late. [HuffPost]

M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN​ IS MAKING A COMEBACK His movie “Split” topped the box office with $40.2 million this weekend. [Reuters]



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