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The holiday season is upon us, and it's one of our favorite times of year for going to the movies. So we were thrilled to have director and actor Ron Howard on the show, who's just released his newest film, In The Heart Of The Sea. Ron has had an amazing career in television and film, from acting in The Andy Griffith Show to directing Oscar winning blockbusters like A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13. His latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, is a gripping tale of men battling a great white whale - the amazing true story that inspired the novel Moby Dick. Ron chats about what made him want to direct this movie, how he prepared his actors, and the real secret for of being married 40 years. Watch the talk, then be sure to catch In The Heart Of The Sea, which is in theaters everywhere now!

Watch the full video above, or skip ahead to the links below!

How "In The Heart Of The Sea" Isn't Your Ordinary Adventure Film
How Does Ron Howard Decide Which Films to Direct
How Ron Howard Prepared His Actors Before Filming In the Heart of the Sea
Ron Howard's First Steps Into Becoming a Hollywood Director
How Ron Avoided Drugs and The Pitfalls of Child Stardom
How Ron Howard's Midwest Ethics Helped Him Throughout His Career

And check out the trailer for In The Heart Of The Sea Below!

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