Smart Money Apps for City Living

As a business and finance expert people always ask me what keeps me on track with my personal finances. The following apps have changed my financial life, my health and my creativity. They're not the new "in" thing; they are money tools I've used for a year or more, which give me time to enjoy my life in New York City.

Banking Apps

I do not have time to run checks to the bank every week and I travel a lot. Both Chase and USAA offer fantastic apps. There is nothing like getting a check, finding some good light and lining up the check and a black surface to put as much as $5,000 a day in your account. I also have an added alert when more than $500 leaves my account at any one time and I have an account balance low alert.

Spending Lite

If you really want to change your spending behavior for the better, a tried and true plan for success is to write down everything you spend every day. Who wants to do that while jettisoning between subways, boardrooms and cocktails? Well, this app really makes that easy and gives you the opportunity to move that information to your computer. You can also take photographs of all your receipts with your iPhone camera. These pictures directly link to each expense you incur. Now you have kept a great record for yourself, a book keeper or an accountant. It's far too easy to lose this important information before your file your taxes. It may be a pain now, but you'll be grateful for the deductions if you can take them.


There is a reason private clubs have tabs for their members and a monthly bill; reviewing the check on entertainment dampens a leisurely experience. I do not like working out tips over dinner and I certainly don't enjoy an argument between friends when the bill comes.

I hope one day that restaurants will allow you to pay and tip in advance of the main event. I wish to enjoy my dining experience right down to the last morsel of my chocolate pot without having to pour over scribble with companions. Until then, I use Tip'n'Go.

Tip'n'Go is simple to use. Users just plug in the bill total pre-tax and slide the tip bar to the percentage that interests you. It also has a great Split function that indicates Split Total (per head) to help all your other diners as well.

Finally, I love reading the content on the following websites: DailyWorth and GoGirlFinance we and I use All these sites give you great direction and even inspiration.

I just discovered's new personal finance app while writing this post and I will have to let you know if I like it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, get techy with your money and reveal a wealthier you under that pile of taxi receipts, you'll be ever so grateful!

Camilla Webster is the co-author of The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom.

*Nothing contained herein should be construed as financial advice or counsel.