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Money Matters: 13 Items We Refuse To Splurge On (PHOTOS)

Money is a hot topic these days. For those of us that are style-obsessed, it can mean a real lifestyle change -- days spent shopping are now spent window-shopping. All this talk about budgets got us thinking about those things that we refuse to splurge on. For some people it's brand-name laundry detergent; for others, it's fancy footwear. I, for one, refuse to pay big bucks for lingerie. Victoria's Secret bras have been my boulder-restrictor of choice for 20 years now.

We aren't saying that we are against spending money. Quite the opposite: We are all for reviving the economy, we are just strategic about where we spend our precious pennies. Click through the slideshow below to see what the HuffPost Style, Stylelist and Stylelist Home staff refuses to spend money on, and then tell us, where do you spend (and not spend) your money?

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Splurge Or Save?