The Most Popular Shows On Netflix Right Now Besides 'Money Heist'

A sci-fi series and a new Kevin Hart drama are among the trending shows on the platform.

“Money Heist” is the most popular show on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The final episodes of the Spanish heist drama were released on Dec. 3, wrapping up the three-season series (which was subdivided into five different parts). “Money Heist,” one of the most-watched non-English-language shows on Netflix, is another example of the platform’s success with international programming.

Next in the ranking is the sci-fi show “Lost in Space,” which had its third and final season premiere on Dec. 1. In third place is “True Story,” a new dramatic miniseries starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes. (And no, despite what the title suggests, it is largely a work of fiction.)

"Money Heist" on Netflix.
"Money Heist" on Netflix.

The nursery rhyme-centric “CoComelon” is also back in the Top 10 after a brief drop-off in the ranking earlier this month. As for other kid-friendly fare, the animated series “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” is also on the list.

And if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, consider taking the time to binge “School of Chocolate” ― and then binge-eat some actual chocolate.

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10. “Maid” (Netflix)

9. “Cowboy Bebop” (Netflix)

3. “True Story” (Netflix)

2. “Lost in Space” (Netflix)

1. “Money Heist” (Netflix)

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