Money Magazine Names Eco-Hipsterless Louisville, Colorado Best Place to Live

Some towns nestled along the Rockies are full of pretentious eco-hipsters. Not Louisville.

Money Magazine names Louisville, Colorado, the number one US town to live in.
Egads. While Louisville "has a Conoco-Philipps facility," it's also mercifully free of "pretentious eco-hipsters" -- unlike some towns (yes you, Boulder and Ft. Collins) we assume Money ain't referring to Colorado Springs, full of meth & gay escort-loving Focus on Family Old Testament Christians (we like old timey New Testament Christians who are into things like mercy, compassion, prayer).

So what's wrong with being an eco hipster? Nothing. Better than being a Willy-style trustafarian drug-addled fixie-luvin' dirty boy band hipster who don't know where the term hipster originated (Beat generation; jazz). So what's pretentious about being "eco"? Oh, right, it's uncool, man -- to be vegetarian or vegan and bike around, shop local and organic, care where your clothes are's downright uptight to care about anything, for that matter. Sorry, Money.

All that said, Louisville is a great town -- I spent first three months of my life there, after coming to in the Boulder Hospital and can attest to its vibrant old downtown, its ready access to the Rockies, its deliberateness in how it grows instead of sprawls, its sense of vibrant, safe community. (And Money does give it extra points for being near to Boulder, confusingly).

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