Money, Politics And The Media: Where Companies, Bigwigs Funneled Campaign Donations

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100 dollars gift pack

Media organizations and the people who run them have donated large sums of money to Republican and Democratic campaigns during the 2012 election cycle.

The Center for Responsive Politics website,, tracks campaign contributions to PACs (political action committees), candidates and other political organizations.

According to the website, large media conglomerates' PACs, including those belonging to News Corp., Time Warner, CBS, and The Walt Disney Co., contributed to multiple Republican candidates and organizations.

In some cases, chief executives including CBS' Les Moonves and Disney's Bob Iger donated to the company's PAC rather than specific candidates. Comcast chief Brian L. Roberts went a different route, donating to the Republican National Committee as well as individual House Republicans. Comcast donated more than $20,000 to Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch seemed to make the most individual campaign contributions to candidates and organizations compared to his media bigwig counterparts.

Murdoch donated a total of $25,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and gave additional funds to specific Republican senators. His donation activity seemed to contrast with that of News Corp., which donated only $2,750 to Romney's presidential campaign.

Check out the slideshow below to view how media organizations donated to Republican campaigns and organizations. We'll be looking at how these same players donated to Democratic campaigns and organizations during next week's Shadow Convention.

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