Prosperity Prayers for Couples

Money problems can bring strife and challenge to relationships, but even the worst of times it is important to remember there is always a ray of hope.

Prayers can begin to shift your consciousness about money. Here are three blessings for financial help and stability that you can read or recite.

Visual images can also help. A photo that reminds you of prosperity--and makes you smile--could be just the little push your subconscious mind needs to begin to consider that money and financial stability are within reach. Or maybe a fun image, like a money tree, can help you lighten up.


Couple's Prayer for Cash Flow

For this we pray:

Not asking for a million bucks
Or money showing up in trucks
Just need some cash to pay our bills
And financial flow to cure our ills
Not seeking huge amounts
Just enough to make it count
To take care of our basic human needs
And take care of those mouths to feed
We know that times are rough
But we want to stand tough
We just need some cash to keep on going
So please God, keep the money flowing.

Amen. And so it is.

- Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Blessing to Crisis-Proof Your Relationship

May this relationship be blessed.
In times of financial strife,
it is easy to blame your partner
for what is wrong in your life.
Always look deeper for the truth.

May this relationship survive tests.
When things go wrong, it is a chance to show
that you can weather even the harshest storms--together.
Always see your love as bigger than your problems.

May this relationship bring you strength.
When money is tight, you may feel weakened.
Instead, come closer together to solve your problems.
Always focus on the creating the life you want to share.

May this relationship be your safe harbor
There are plenty of things in the world to pull you apart.
Stay strong, two against the world.
Lean into each other and hold on.
Let your relationship be your foundation and your support.


- Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Wholeness Blessing

We walk in troubled times,
But let us not be troubled souls.

We stand in financial challenge,
But let us not see our lives only in crisis.

We have suffered loss, pain, and indignities.
But we have survived, and we will survive.

We have been hurt and we may be broke,
But we are not broken.


- Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Hope these help uplift you and your beloved through any financial difficulties.