Money Saving Tips: Top 10 Ways to Save for Travel

Money Saving Tips: Top 10 Ways to Save for Travel
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Seven months ago, I quit my day job in order to follow my daydream. I've been traveling the world for over seven months and the question I get asked the most is, "how do you have the money to do this?" Prior to leaving for my trip, I cut ever corner possible. I made big financial decisions such as selling my car and renting out my house, but it was the small changes that made the biggest difference.

Saving for travel isn't easy, but it is always worth it. When it comes to long term travel, you quickly learn that every dollar makes a difference. Instead of thinking about all of the "things" you want, think about all the places you could go. This is all about short-term sacrifice for long-term personal gain. Sure it might be fun to meet the guys every week for your weekly beer night or it might be wonderful to get your hair colored at that fabulous place downtown every two months, but all of these "things" are not necessities.

So whether you're craving a trip around the world or just need a weekend away with your sweetheart, these 10 money saving tips will help you take that holiday of your dreams. When you're finally on that magical white sand beach of your dreams, you'll thank yourself for every penny pinched while at home.

1. Ebay
No matter what season it is, a major spring-cleaning is always helpful. Ebay has been our savior for making little bits of money that add up over time. Go through your closet and your electronics and clean everything out. Name brand pieces obviously sell best, but I've sold t-shirts for $5. If I sell 5 of them, that's worth an entire day in Thailand!

2. At-Home Beauty Treatments
It's easy to get in the habit of getting our nails done or going out for a hair color treatment, but $20-30 here and there can quickly add up. If you get a gel manicure done every 3 weeks, that's about $450/year in savings. Think about all the savings! When you're in southeast Asia, feel free to splurge on a $5 mani/pedi!

3. Eat In
It's always fun to have a date night out, but those glasses of wine and appetizers quickly run up the bill. Grab a bottle of wine and pop on Frank Sinatra Pandora and have your date night at home. You'll quickly bond over your culinary creation without ever having to ask for the check.

4. Quit your Coffee Habit
A $4 Frappuccino here, a $3 coffee may seem like nothing. But that habit quickly adds up to big bucks over time. Ditch the on-the-go Joe and brew a cup at home.

5. Pause your Cable
Between Netflix and Hulu, who needs cable anymore? Cable can run over $100 a month, which is major money, honey. Hit the pause button on the Travel Channel and go experience the destinations firsthand.

6. Freelance on UpWork
If you're looking to make a few extra dollars on the side, join UpWork. UpWork is your online portal for freelancers. Writers, web designers, translators, finance, legal, and customer service representatives can find jobs right at home.

7. Join Fiverr
Fiverr is another great marketplace for services. Everything here is paid in increments of $5. Are you a songwriter? Offer a 30 second song for $5, a jingle for $15, and a full-blown song for $25.

8. Save with a High-Yield Account
An online bank such as Ally can produce a higher yield than most general banks. This means that the more you save, the more you earn. Even putting $10 in here and there will accumulate over time.

9. Downsize Your Car
Do you really need those pesky payments? Put aside your pride and try buying a slightly used car and lower your monthly payments. Curb appeal is overrated. Your friend might be driving the new Mercedes, but you are taking a trip around the world.

10. Downsize Your Apartment
If you can move in with your parents for a few months, do it! Saving for travel is all about short-term sacrifice for long term personal gain. If your parents don't live close, try moving in with a roommate. If you own your place, rent it out for a profit (if you can) and rent a lower cost apartment. We did this while we traveled and made over $500/month on our property.