Monica Lewinsky's Tweet About Anthony Scaramucci Says It All

And she only needed one emoji.

Monica Lewinsky didn’t need 140 characters to tweet how she felt about Anthony Scaramucci’s comparing himself to her.

She needed just one emoji.

On Wednesday evening, Scaramucci griped about Ryan Lizza, the New Yorker reporter to whom he made a series of crass comments last month, setting the stage for his own swift exit as White House communications director.

Linda Tripp is the woman who befriended White House intern Monica Lewinsky and secretly recorded some of their conversations in an attempt to get dirt on Lewinsky’s affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

Scaramucci made the comparison between Lizza and Tripp because he claimed the reporter taped their call without telling him. (Quick reminder: Unlike Tripp’s recording, Lizza’s actions were clearly legal.)

The bizarre tweets led many people to infer that if Lizza = Tripp, then Scaramucci = Lewinsky.

Lewinsky waited until Thursday morning to offer her opinion on Twitter. It was worth the wait.

For those not up on emoji arcana, the flushed face emoji is usually a comment on mistakes or other embarrassing situations.

Yep. And yep.

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