Monica Lewinsky Drops The Mic With Tweet On Worst Career Advice She's Ever Received

The anti-bullying activist casually mentioned that someone told her to intern at the White House because it would be "amazing" on her resume.

Monica Lewinsky responded with a perfect answer to a tweet asking Twitter users about the worst career advice they’ve ever received.

On Sunday, the 45-year-old replied to organizational psychologist Adam Grant’s tweet by saying that her worst career advice was that an “internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume.” Lewinsky accompanied her tweet with a blushing emoji.

Lewinsky rose to fame in the late 1990s when the media lambasted her for having an affair with then-president Bill Clinton. At the time, the then-22-year-old Lewinsky was interning at the White House.

Since then, Lewinsky has parlayed her notoriety into becoming an anti-bullying activist, TED Talk presenter and writer. She often tweets and talks publicly about what it was like to be bullied in the media. Lewinsky has even become a powerful voice within the #MeToo movement, penning an essay for Vanity Fair in 2018 describing how the movement helped her feel less alone.

The activist told InStyle in an interview last year that she hopes she can do the same with her own voice.

“If people can find some modicum of relief or healing from my having shared my experiences, that’s the greatest privilege. To be a part of helping someone else,” she said.

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