Monica Potter's 'Parenthood' Farewell Video Will Obviously Make You Cry

Over its six seasons on air, "Parenthood" has consistently been the most tear-jerking show on television. Now, on the day of the series' finale, Monica Potter -- who plays Kristina Braverman on the show -- has released a farewell video that lives up to that reputation. Try not to break into sobs as she bids a Kristina-style adieu to her "Parenthood" family. ("Kristina-style" = TEARS.)

With her days on the Jason Katims show wrapped, Potter will star in an NBC pilot from Ellen DeGeneres' production company about a woman juggling her family, three ex-husbands and a budding dating life. Potter is also attached to produce.

The series finale of "Parenthood" airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.