Monied Men: Adventures On An "Elite" Dating Site

I'm not a fan of dating websites. Meanwhile, my best friend tries a new one every month. So, I wasn't surprised when she chatted me, asking if I'd heard about Sparkology, a site based in New York and D.C. for "attractive young professionals." I hadn't, but upon checking it out, I was certainly intrigued.

These days, it's not enough just to create an online dating community of users looking for love. There’s got to be a hook, and Sparkology's schtick is pretty intriguing: All members must be college educated and can only join the site if they’re lucky enough to score an invite from someone cool enough to have already gotten one. Women, with proof of a college degree, pay about $25 a month for unlimited messaging and access. For guys, Sparkology requires not only proof of a college degree but a degree from a specific list of schools. Did you go to University of Arizona? Sorry, Wilbur! YOU can’t join.

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