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Monk Tries To Smuggle Remains Of Nun, Gets Caught

File this under the totally bizarre: A Cypriot monk and two accomplices attempted to board a plane at the Athens airport on Monday with remains of a nun in his luggage, according to Reuters.

When questioned, the monk, who believes the nun was a saint, told authorities that he was bringing the remains back to a Cypriot monastery, even though she was not recognized in the Greek or Cypriot Orthodox churches.

Later, the leader of Cyprus' Orthodox Church condemned the monk's attempt, calling the ordeal "sacrilege" according to the Associated Press.

The monk was suspended from duties for three months, according to local Cypriot paper, Famagusta Gazette.

The monk and 2 accomplices were released after they plead not guilty to theft and defiling of a deceased person.

This isn't the first time odd things have been found inside luggage at the Athens airport. Earlier this year, 6 skulls were found in the bag of an American tourist.