Macaque Monkey Escapes Enclosure At Memphis Zoo, Eludes Capture

July 10 (Reuters) - A small monkey was on the loose at the Memphis Zoo on Friday hours after escaping its enclosure and making a dash for freedom while the zoo was packed with visitors.

The three-year-old Sulawesi macaque named Zimm scaled the wall of her exhibit on Thursday, got through an opening and then took off running through the garden, zoo officials said.

The zoo was filled with visitors when the monkey escaped, and some saw the 10-pound primate flee, local media reported.

"As we were looking at the primates, lo, and behold, a little monkey ran right in front of us," zoo visitor Kimberly Cross told WMC-TV. "Five minutes before, my son said, 'Momma, can they get out?' I said, 'No, they can't get out,' and I tell you the truth he came right across from us."

Zoo officials believe Zimm is still on the premises and hiding in a drain pipe.

"While we're still looking into exactly what happened, rest assured that we have found little Zimm on Zoo property and expect to have her back in her habitat tomorrow all safe and sound. Zookeepers will be with her through the night," the zoo said on its Facebook page.

(Reporting by Victoria Cavaliere in Los Angeles; Editing by Larry King)



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