This Adorable Ape Will Make You Believe In Magic

Sheer delight.

This adorable ape can't help but hide his glee at the sight of a simple magic trick. 

The precocious primate flops on its back with delight when he realizes that whatever this shifty amateur magician seems to put in a cup is indeed no longer in that cup. This orangutan believes in magic more than you've ever believed in anything in your entire life. 

But of course, not all animals love magic tricks. These guys were not so amused by a little uninvited abracadabra. 

Ah, apes. They're just like us! It's almost as if we're brothers from another mother.

Watch the full video below:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story referred to the animal as a monkey. In fact, orangutans are apes. 

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