Monkey Breaks Into ATM, And The Surveillance Footage Is Bananas

The internet went ape watching a money rip open the bank machine outside a Delhi branch of the State Bank of India.

It sounds bananas, but it looks like monkeys are engaging in serious criminal behavior in Delhi, India.

Security cameras at a local branch of the State Bank of India recently captured video of a monkey ripping open the front panel of an ATM, according to the Hindustan Times.

But while the monkey appears to have committed the crime of vandalism, it is apparently no thief.

The video shows the primate pulling off a piece of plastic to play with, before scurrying away without taking any cash.

As you might expect, Twitter users went ape for the video, with many people offering theories as to the monkey’s M.O., some more sinister than others.

One person thought the real story was the bank’s somewhat sketchy security.

Of course, some people predicted the video was a sign of things to come.

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