Monkey Drop Kicks Unsuspecting Pedestrian To The Ground

Don't upset this simian!

Crouching tiger, kicking monkey.

A sly simian drop kicks an unsuspecting pedestrian to the ground in surveillance video posted online. The crafty creature is seen sprinting toward its victim, who is walking down a road.

It leaps up and kicks the man, who is facing the other way, on his back. The walker tumbles, while the monkey jumps onto a car and flees over a rooftop.

The pedestrian doesn't appear to be injured as he quickly picks himself up, presumably with just a couple of bruises and a dented ego. The footage was filmed on Feb. 25, uploaded to YouTube over the weekend and is now going viral.

It's unclear exactly where the incident took place, or if the walker had previously provoked the monkey. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.

Last April, another monkey drop kicked a man who gave it the finger in Shimla, India, while in February a knife-wielding monkey was caught in a rooftop standoff in Brazil.