Watch Monkeys Snatch Tourists' Valuables As Ransom For Food

Monkey business can be a tourist's nightmare.

Sunglasses, hats and smartphones (at least one with a camera) are travel must-haves for any human taking a sunny vacation.

But for monkeys in Bali, these objects are merely things to steal in order to trade up for food. In this clip from the BBC program "World's Sneakiest Animals," host Chris Packham captures the quick thievery of several plotting monkeys who swipe tourists' belongings in exchange for food. Packham willingly dangles his iPhone, knowing that at least one monkey won't be able to resists its glimmer.

Luckily, with some food on hand, Packham coaxes the monkey to give him the phone back -- or at least drop the phone to upgrade for something better (spoiler: an egg!).

If there's anything to learn from this video, it's to wear closed-toe shoes and sunglasses with a strap and to keep your belongings close when visiting places full of crafty monkeys, like Bako National Park in Malaysia and Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. You can watch the whole episode here.

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