Monkfish Catches Man In Russia (VIDEO)

It's all fun and games until someone gets his hand stuck in a fish.

One lucky diver in Russia got to experience just that recently when he found himself wrist-deep in what appears to be a monkfish. In a video shared on Reddit Tuesday, the monkfish catches the man who is forced to pry the fish's massive mouth open to escape its toothy grip.

There seems to be little information about how exactly the fish got ahold of the diver's arm. According to a translation of the video description, the man may have gotten stuck while trying to pull the fish from the net. However, as one Reddit user points out, the fish may have instead latched on to the man's arm while he was fishing with his bare hands -- a practice called noodling that is often used to catch catfish.

Either way, the fishy encounter does not look very pleasant. (If you speak Russian, the man uses a fair amount of profanity in the video.)

The fish is not the first to get the upper hand on a human. In January, a Florida fisherman had his arm engulfed by a tarpon.



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