Everything You Knew About 'Monster Mash' May Be A Lie

It may actually be a song about an entirely different song called "Monster Mash." Yeah.

For the past 55 years, Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s novelty classic “Monster Mash” has been an important part of Halloween.

It seems only now are people paying close attention to the lyrics ― and it’s freaking them out.

Turns out “Monster Mash” may just be a song about a guy who sees and hears monsters performing and dancing to a song called “Monster Mash” ― but not necessarily the song “Monster Mash” itself. So the actual song could be entirely different.

A guy named Lawrence Miles tweeted the mind-bending theory on Saturday evening.

He explained further.

Some people tried to argue that the lyrics say otherwise.

But the theory held up under some scrutiny.

This opened up the door to more theories.

Some theories got a little more extreme than others.

The implication that humans ― with the obvious exception of Pickett himself ― might never have heard the mysterious “Monster Mash” song that inspired Pickett to write his song with the same title blew some people’s minds.

That was followed by a series of reaction tweets.

Sadly, Pickett died in 2007 so he’s unable to comment on whether his song is the actual “Monster Mash” or just a song about a song called “Monster Mash.”

However, you can watch this YouTube clip of him singing the song and reach your own verdict.

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