The resignation of the brilliant Samantha Power from the Obama campaign is a bit sad. She is a superior thinker, a great mind, a first rate writer and human rights' actvist, who has illuminated dark truths in the world, notably in Africa -- and whose credentials far outshine those of the Hillary Clinton partisans who led the pitchfork brigade. Besides, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Senator Clinton IS, in fact, quite literally somewhat monstrous. She and her team DO seem willing to stoop to "anything," as Ms. Power claimed. All power mongers do; it's what makes them effective. They won't be stopped, nothing gets in their way. What. So. Ever. Ms. Power perhaps giddily forgot that the press is always the press; a scorpion in the water, and not friends at dinner. For even a moment. Sigh. A loss. Score one to the Clintonian machinery. I do wonder about the Clinton family wandering about the West Wing, where the ghostly whiff of pardons handed out like Christmas candy to commodities criminal Marc Rich by William Jefferson Clinton still lingers in the air.
Like many things today, this fight will continue to torque and wheeze and turn ugly, uncivilized and lengthy.

The resignation, of course, would not have happened, had the banal and hungry engines of the "news cycle" merely yawned, like all the journos actually did when hearing the quote; after all, it's no biggie: Hillary has been called a lot worse, even by people who admire her. Perhaps she's a beautiful monster, in the French sense...? In the meantime, a very smart thinker, a brilliant writer, and an asset to the campaign has been lost. For now.