Montgomery Blair High School Time-Lapse Video Portrays A Day In The Life (WATCH)

From the moment that first early bus arrives in the morning to the time the sun sets over the empty football field, a high school is filled with a bustle of activity. "Photographic Journey: A Life at Blair," a time-lapse video by Tolu Omokehinde, portrays a day in the life of a typical American high school, from hands spinning rapidly on a classroom clock to students talking in the hallways and rushing to class.

The video was created as a "good-bye" to the school from a graduating senior. The stunning high-definition shots -- both in color and black and white -- illustrate the daily comings and goings at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland in a striking new light.

"I started this project in November 2011, drawing inspiration from Terje Sorgjerd, a National Geographic nature photographer who created an extensive time lapse of the day-night phenomenon in Norway," Omokehinde wrote in his school's newspaper, Silver Chips, for which he was the 2011-2012 print managing photo editor.

College students have also made impressive time-lapse videos recently. "24 Hours in Room 822," a video of a day in the life of a typical collegiate room at University of Washington, depicts two students' semi-nocturnal college dorm life from midnight to midnight. And for more amazing time-lapses, check out The Atlantic's list of the best city time-lapse videos of 2011.