This Month In Food Magazines: A Round-Up Of Thanksgiving Issues

HuffPost Food is excited to introduce a new monthly slideshow that rounds up the content of major food magazines and we thought that November would be a great time to start. For many magazines, the Thanksgiving issue is the most important issue of the year in terms circulation and ad revenue; editors and photographers pull out all the stops to attract readers hungry for holiday cooking guidance. We were not disappointed with this year's crop, as each and every magazine stepped up to the task. We thoroughly enjoyed paging through the recipes and articles.

There were a few recurring themes:

  • Brussels sprouts are in. So are gratins.
  • It's not all about the turkey this year. The sides have finally, rightfully so, eclipsed the bird.
  • Speaking of turkey, using non-traditional recipes is cool too.
  • Everyone still loves pie.

Check out the November food magazines below.

Nov Food Mags