5 Subscription Services That Will Increase Productivity With Very Little Effort

Basically the opposite of your Netflix subscription.

Much like hanging hooks all over your home made you more organized and meal prepping on Sundays helped you save money, opting in on some subscription programs can help make you feel like you’ve got this adulting thing down.

The theory is simple. We’re all busy people and sometimes even the items of utmost importance slip our mind when we’re shopping (hello, toilet paper!) Because we now live in a one-click world, there are a number of apps and opportunities to set up subscriptions that will automatically ship backups your way. You’ll never run out of eye makeup remover again and you’ll definitely feel like you’ve got your act together.

From food delivery to cleaning services, pantry refillables to clothing orders, you can have the things you need (and some you simply want) delivered directly to your door. Have a look at some of the subscription options below and start making this adulting thing that much easier.

Amazon Subscribe & Save
Sign up for Amazon's Subscribe & Save program and identify the household products you replace on a regular basis. Choose from thousands of products, pick the frequency of delivery and cancel or pause at any time. Paper towels, water filters, eye makeup remover, trash bags, you name it, Amazon can deliver to your door right when you need it. Dig into more of the nitty-gritty subscribe and save details here.
Clothing Subscriptions
Having a personalized stylist pick out clothes for you and deliver them directly to your front door may not sound like something you need, but it definitely sounds like something you might want. There are plenty of services out there for men and women, but most, like StitchFix offer you the opportunity to fill out a style profile and work with a stylist who will pick out items based on that profile. They'll help pick out styles that work for your shape and your wallet. You pick when you'd like the box to arrive and what you'd like to keep and then return the rest. Each clothing box service has different terms of service so be sure to read the fine print.
Cleaning Services
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Having a cleaning service come clean your home once a month may seem like something reserved for the wealthy, but with services like Handy.com, it's actually affordable and easy. You can set up a date and time, manage your future appointments and payment after downloading the app on your phone. You can also adjust the frequency of cleanings by managing the cleaning plan you've got. It could possibly be the most game changing subscription service you sign up for.
Food Subscription Delivery Services
It feels like there are new food subscription delivery services popping up every week but it might be something worth considering. Blue Apron is one of the many (there's also Hello Fresh, Martha & Marley Spoon and Plated) that come at varying price points and perks to get you hooked. The bottom line is, you'll no longer have to plan out your meals for the week and grocery shop. Plus, you'll never spend $6 on a jar of some spice you're only going to use 1/4 of a teaspoon of. The subscriptions have drawbacks if you have allergies or are a picky eater, but if you're trying to get into the habit of whipping up delicious meals without needing a culinary degree, a subscription service like this might do the trick.
Book Subscriptions
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Whether you prefer a good old-fashioned hardcover, an upload right to your eReader or listening to an audiobook, there is a way for you to have your next read lined up long before you turn the last page. With monthly services like Book of the Month you choose from a few options, pick when you'd like to receive it and save money on new selections. Opt into offerings like Kindle Unlimited, where you can read unlimited numbers of books on any device. Some books are paired with an audio version that allows you to flip back and forth, depending on the mood you're in. If you're more interested in listening to books try an Audible.com subscription where you pay a monthly fee for credits and can download audiobooks right to your phone at a much more affordable price.

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