Naked Dad Allegedly Pummels Patrol Car While 4-Year-Old Son Waits

An unforgettable Father's Day (but not in a good way).

Montrais Boyd may have had a Father’s Day he’ll never forget ― though he probably wants to.

Arizona state troopers arrested Boyd Sunday morning after a series of bizarre events that included allegations he repeatedly punched a patrol car while naked.

An officer responded to a call about a man who was lying down in the northbound median of I-17 near Flagstaff. The caller alleged that the male suspect may have been involved in a possible domestic violence situation, according to a department press release.

When the trooper arrived at the scene, he stopped behind a black BMW sedan blocking one of the traffic lanes.

The officer said a nude man later identified as Boyd ran toward the patrol car and began hitting it repeatedly with his fists. 

The trooper drove away from the enraged suspect and stopped in front of the sedan. That’s when he noticed a passenger inside of the BMW: a 4-year-old boy later identified as Boyd’s son.

Boyd, still naked, got back in the BMW and started ramming the patrol vehicle numerous time before fleeing the scene in the wrong lane going northbound in a southbound lane.

The suspect drove that way for a mile before losing control of the Beemer, running into the shoulder and then re-entering the southbound lanes before getting back into the northbound lanes.

The patrol vehicle, disabled from the pummeling, was unable to keep up with the BMW. That is, until about five miles later when Boyd made things easier by hitting a rock embankment and rolling the sedan, according to Phoenix New Times. 

Boyd and son were transported to a local hospital and treated for minor bruises and abrasions before being released.

However, they did not spend the rest of Father’s Day together. The boy was picked up at the hospital by his mother while Boyd was taken to the Coconino County jail and booked for aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument, felony endangerment, child abuse and criminal damage charges.

Jail records show he remains behind bars on $150,000 bail ― presumably with clothes on.

The officer whose vehicle was allegedly punched by Boyd is currently at home recovering from an injury sustained during the incident. He is expected to recover, according to the Department of Public Safety release.

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