New Monty Python Video Shows Just How Ahead Of The Times They Were

“I’m (Still) So Worried” gives old fears a new anthem.

A newly released version of a song from Monty Python and its accompanying video show how the group wasn’t just ahead of its time in comedy.

It was also ahead of the curve with worry.

The Terry Jones track, “I’m So Worried,” now retitled “I’m (Still) So Worried,” is about fears, some of which have only gotten worse since the tune was recorded for 1980′s “Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album.”

“This anthem to angst is as relevant as it was when Terry Jones recorded it over 200 years ago,” Python alumnus Michael Palin said in a statement. “If you’re worried at Christmas, join in the chorus.”

The new release pulled from the archives is an alternate country-style take on the tune, and the video features artwork from the group’s Terry Gilliam, including new animation done in Gilliam’s signature style.

Jones has a form of dementia that has affected his ability to talk.

“Terry can no longer speak but he can still sing,” Gilliam said in a news release.

Check out the song and video below:

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