Hey ’Merica, Those 'Focking' 'Moobs' Are Now In The Dictionary

A few Roald Dahl-related terms were also added in honor of the author’s 100th birthday.

Just when you thought a word like “YOLO” was on its way out of the vernacular, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) solidified its existence in your conversations for years to come.

The definitive record of the English language released its latest list of additions, including some old favorites (”fuhgeddaboudit!”), a few Roald Dahl-related terms in honor of the author’s 100th birthday and quite the assortment of expletives. “Gender-neutral,” “’Merica,” “non-apology” and a slew of food terms one might think already exist in the dictionary, like the beloved Greek spinach pie “spanakopita,” were also among the 1,000-plus words added to the book.

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Some of the newest words/definitations in the OED:

biatch, n.: Originally in rap and hip-hop music as a more emphatic expression of bitch. Also sometimes used humorously.

focking, adj. and adv.: A. adj. Used as an intensifier, expressing annoyance, frustration, hostility, etc. B. adv. Intensely, extremely. Also simply as an intensifier.

moobs, n.: Unusually prominent breasts on a man (likened to those of a woman), typically as a result of excess pectoral fat; = man boobs.

yolo, int. and adj.: A. int. ‘You only live once’; used to express the view that one should make the most of the present moment without worrying about the future (often as a rationale for impulsive or reckless behavior). B. adj. Designating or characterized by such an attitude or view.

Visit the OED’s site to read about the latest additions.

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