The Moods Of Lydia Callis: Bloomberg's Sign Language Interpreter Touches Every Emotion (VIDEO)

WATCH: We Love Her So

Superstorm Sandy knocked millions on the east coast for a loop--but even in the face of disaster, New Yorkers were dazzled by one dedicated public servant's amazing performances.

Lydia Callis, the sign language interpreter for many of Mayor Bloomberg's news conferences during the storm, has whipped up plenty of media coverage and devoted fans across NYC and beyond. Mugging for the cameras and gesturing wildly to get Bloomberg's important points across, Callis left no emotion concealed while signing.

We found the best of Lydia Callis and her incredible range--the bossa nova queen, the hip hop impresario, and even the hopeless romantic. Watch the mashup above, and ride the emotional rollercoaster with Lydia.

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