Moolta Lets You Dare Friends To Do Outrageous Stunts For Charity

Truth or dare? A new startup is encouraging you to take up the latter…for charity.

Moolta, a brand new web platform, lets anyone challenge their friends to perform outrageous tasks for a good cause. One daredevil got his friend to commit to climbing 1,000 stairs of the Empire State Building for a $1,000 donation to the Robin Hood Foundation to benefit Sandy relief. Another brave soul agreed to shower in a public fountain in Florida for a $50 donation.

Challengers create YouTube videos to kickoff their donation dares and onlookers can participate by making online contributions to the challenger's cause.

But Moolta’s founders aren’t the first to dare others to do good.

In November, Laina Walker -- also known as ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend,’ -- used her Internet stardom to accept dares from her fans to benefit Surf Camp, a charity for kids with autism. The stunts, which ranged from dancing Gangnam Style in an Apple store to drinking a mystery smoothie -- helped her campaign raise $22,286 for the organization.

“To think that the crazy, weird videos that I’ve done is resulting in something like this;” Walker told WFAA, “It makes it worth it and makes me feel like I’m using it for the right reason.”