'Moonbows,' Lunar Rainbows, Visible At Yosemite National Park (VIDEO)

Before you ask, yes, there are double moonbows.

Typically, people don't think of rainbows as something they can see at night. But those who are aware of the rare spectacle know that one of the greatest places in the world to experience it is in Yosemite National Park.

According to The Guardian, lunar rainbows or 'moonbows' are created by the light of the moon, making them best viewed during a full moon. They form on the part of the sky opposite from the moon, and are often faint compared to other rainbows.

You can catch an amazing glimpse of these lunar rainbows below, in the video compiled by Yosemite officials.

It's stunning.

According to the original Youtube post, these moonbows are best seen in the spring or summer. The backdrop of the pristine Milky Way behind these majestic waterfalls adds a little bonus to the already incredible sight.

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