Moonbows Are Awesome And Here Are The Best Places To See Them

We love rainbows. We even all know that we love facts about rainbows. But what about moonbows, which are created by moonlight passing through a thin spray, like those that are created by waterfalls. Though they're faint in comparison to daytime rainbows, they are more easily visible opposite in the sky during a full moon.

Herewith, some wonderful places for moonbow sighting.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe
Yosemite National Park
Head to one of the Parks's many waterfalls for a glimpse, especially in spring time.
Moonbows are often seen in Waimea Canyon State Park.
Cumberland Falls, Kentucky
Jerome, AZ
Flickr: squeaks2569
Easter Island
Flickr: thebadastromer
Somewhere in Florida
North Wales, UK
Ladhar Bheinn, Scotland