'Moonshiners': The Suicide And Lasting Legacy Of Popcorn Sutton (VIDEO)

'Moonshiners': The Legacy Of Popcorn Sutton

In the world of illegal alcohol, Popcorn Sutton is a name that reached legendary status even before he died in 2009. Facing an 18-month prison sentence on Federal charges, Sutton committed suicide before he could be sent to jail. "Moonshiners" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on Discovery) explored his life and legacy.

Perhaps the most ironic thing is that his widow, Pam, has taken Popcorn someplace he probably never imagined he'd be. "We have a distillery set up in Nashville, Tenn.," she explained. "We can't legally call it moonshine. We have to call it Tennessee Wild Whiskey. Also, Popcorn's liquor is the first white whiskey that the federal government has approved."

That's right, Popcorn has gone legal. Lucky for fans of his work, he passed his secret recipe onto his protege before passing as well, so Popcorn's moonshine can live on just as his legacy surely will.

Catch more stories of "Moonshiners" Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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