Ford Mustang Survives Oklahoma Tornado, Owner Jack Haden Uses It To Make Moore Smile Again (VIDEO)

This Oklahoma tornado survivor toughed out last month's devastating storm, and amazingly, so did his car.

Moore resident Jack Haden made it through the May 20 disaster by taking cover in a storm cellar. His prized 2003 Ford Mustang, however, was swept up by the tornado and found wrapped around a tree, according to KSBI. But he soon discovered that the heavily damaged car was still functional, and it also had a surprising effect on other locals.

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jack haden mustang

"Once we got the car off the tree and drove it home in the condition it was in, we noticed quite a few people taking pictures of it, smiling, laughing," Haden told KSBI. The barely-there car was providing some much-need comic relief for the people of Moore.

Haden, an aircraft mechanic, fashioned the beat up car into a "convertible," and he's been using it to spread some cheer around the hard-hit town. According to KSBI, he even paid a visit to Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary schools.

The photograph went viral on Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine's Facebook page where it was liked more than 5,000 times in less than a week.

"Not even a tornado can break the stang!" one user commented.

Although the tornado was destructive, not everything was lost. For another example, one soon-to-be-married couple from Moore had much of their home destroyed, but they miraculously found all of their wedding essentials completely untouched. They are to be married this month.



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